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Donator/VIP Changes
Due to on going server costs donations have been changed from permanent to monthly.
I really didn't want to do this, but on going costs have pushed me to do this.
The UDG community server costs around $120 USD a month to maintain, you can see the goal amount in on the donation panel.

I may make a permanent super rank (usable on all servers) at a "higher" price if there is call for it.
How is it so high? Either your overpaying somewhere or you have too many servers.
I use the following names.
Haruna, Spam-chan, BirdOfSong.
Do you know the cost of a "dedicated" server?
Not a shared host.
Donator/VIP prices have now been changed.
It is now $5 for VIP for a month (used to be $20)
Or $20 for VIP permanently (used to be $50)

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