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Someone has placed/done something fucked up on the server so now it refuses to start.

I will have a crack at trying to fix it, but if I can't I will have to reinstall it with a fresh mod pack.

I am open to suggestions here.
Agrarian Skies
Wtf is Agrarian Skies?
Google doesn't really give much info, from what I can see it's just a single mod and not a pack.
Which is not what I want.
Agrarian Skies (Hardcore Quest)
If you go on FTB launcher, then onto third-party mod packs you will find it.
It is a whole mod-pack where you start on a small island (there is a multiply version of the map) and can get everything.
Ok I have taken a look at Agrarian Skies and this really does not appear it would suit multiplayer at all.
There are a number of MC players we have had on the server that like to work on their own, and from eveything I have seen of this mod you are all stuck on the same island.
Ok, so what I have done is created a custom mod pack using Technic it's pretty much FTB Monster pack with DartCraft thrown into it.
I will update the original thread with the details.

(I will also back up the existing server incase someone wants to download it or something and try fix it in SP or some shit)

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