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Donator/VIP FAQs
Q: How/Where do I donate for VIP?
A: You can donate for VIP by going here
You would then sign in VIA Steam (yes this is completely safe) then click on Store then choose any server package (they are all linked so it doesn't matter which one you choose)
Then you would either choose the VIP Permanent package or VIP for 30 days package.

Q: If I donate for VIP on one server will I get VIP for the other Underdone Gaming servers?
A: Yes! If you intended to donate for VIP on Underdone RPG you would also become VIP on Pirate Ship Wars, even if you didn't intend on playing on that server.

Q: What do I get for being VIP on the Underdone RPG server?
A: For being a VIP on the Underdone RPG server you get.
* Only loose 25% of any money you have on you when you die instead of 50%
* 750 Bank Weight
* Access to the Jeep (has a portable bank on the back)
* Access to VIP areas (Slot machines, Chess and Checkers, Piano, VIP/Donator Shop)
* 50% off in shops

Q: What do I get for being VIP on the Underdone Pirate Ship Wars server?
A: For being a VIP on the Underdone Pirate Ship Wars server you get.
* 5X PointShop Points per kill instead of 1 point
* Spawn with the SMG, Crossbow and RPG
* Access to the VIP tabs in the PointShop which allows for more weapons and player models etc.

Q: Do I have to donate a certain amount to be a VIP?
A: Yes, while you can still donate any amount, you need to donate at least $5 if you want the in-game perks and rank.

Q: Is donating a one time thing or monthly?
A: Since we incur costs every month to run the server, we have decided to make VIP ranks and perks only last for one month unless you donate for the $20 Underdone Gaming VIP Permanent rank.

Q: What if I donate for the $20 Permanent rank? How does that work for the VIP rank?
A: You will become a permanent VIP rank on all Underdone Gaming servers.
It will not expire at the end of month.

Q: If I want to be a Permanent VIP, do I have to donate $20 all at once?
A: It is preferred, but if you buy four months worth of VIP for 30 days then let me know and I will move you to the Permanent VIP rank.

Q: How fast are donations processed?
A: They should be instant.
Contact me if you have not received it.

Q: I donated, but I don't have my VIP Rank etc.
A: Donations should be instant, if it you do not get your rank and perks within around 5-10 minutes then please make a post with your email address you used for the PayPal donation. (I can't verify who you are without that)

This list will be updated as more questions come up.
If you can think of any common donator/VIP related questions not mentioned above or if you have any of your own, please post them in this thread and they will be answered.

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