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i didnt get my vip PLEASE HELP
i donated for VIP and 50k and when i was donating i donated for the VIP first and then the 50k and got the 50k instantly but not the VIP. so i know when i donate for VIP on other servers it takes acouple of minutes or you might need to relog so i waited and relogged.... but still nothing i have tried talking to commander on team speak but.... no response and there is no other staff member that i was able to get hold of.

the emails that were most likely used would either be mine: [retracted] or my mothers: [retracted] or her other email: [retracted]

i looked at my Paypal and it showed the donation for both but i have not received anything........... please help Huh Huh Huh
I will look into this ASAP.

EDIT: This has been fixed, you are now VIP on Underdone RPG and Pirate Ship Wars.

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