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Exstention On Prop Dissappearence Time/ETC
So I have been attempted to make the Time Waster trophy for the past 3 times and its been a failed attempt every time due to my crap computer. I was wanting to know if there was a way the time could be extended by 5 to 10 minutes because the short time in between disconnection and props dissappearing for some of us with slow connections or crappy computers makes it hard to go for trophys such as that. Another idea would be to have the ability for your friend on steam or tribe partner to be able to claim your stuff in the time you go offline makeing it to only people who are on your steam friends or in your tribe can claim your stuff to use as needed. That trophy is cursed...
I will look at extending it to 15 mins and if you are VIP it will be 12 hours.

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