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REVOKED [Moderator Application] - Duck
Name: Kyle
In-Game Name: Duck
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:24685882
SteamID 64: 76561198009637493
Age: 15

Country: United Kingdom
State (If USA): Cornwall

Estimated Play Times: (All times NEED to be in NZST)
Monday: 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM
Wednesday: 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Thursday: 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Friday: 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Saturday: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Sunday: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Why do you want to be a moderator:

I would like to be Moderator because I would be a very helpful staff member, I am a very helpful person and sometimes not, but I can if you want me to be. I can get rid of the people who spam or do any bad things by not looking at the Rules. If I tell them to stop the first time I will warn them and when they get to three I would get rid of them from the server on how long the ban is meant to be. I will be assisting all the new players with some help and questions I would answer but some questions I would not like personal questions. If someone needs help I will be there to help them where they are going or what they need, I won't be helping them for better loot like end game stuff or high teir armor and weapons/tools I would be helping them where 'NPCs' and other places are and not helping them lower down a boss health because I don't do bosses in teams, I try to solo them (Maybe die in the process).

Previous Admin Experiences:

Yes, I have been a Test-Mod on another Underdone server. I put a lot of effort into my Application for the Moderator in 2015 August then got demoted from the Staff team for banning someone for saying "Raccoon" I knew what I did wrong and I tried to reason with the owner of the server to put me back on the staff team, and make the Test-Mod get Un-Ban so I can undo what I did wrong, but I got angry with him because he wouldn't let me. I got so angry with him I got banned myself for trying to get Mod back and I kept asking one of the Admins that play on the server to unban me, and 2 days later I get banned again, the Admin had a chat with the Owner about giving him back his Mod and he tried to reason with him which he did succeed, so I became Mod and if I banned someone for the same reason again I would get demoted and banned again without the Admin unbanning me, so I gave it my best and got mod from Test-Mod, from that day forth I helped the community, then 3 months ago from now the owner shut down the server because he didn't want anything to do with it anymore. So everyone who joined that server got demoted the site went down and no one really thought about that server anymore. I'm a lot mature now, back then I was 13 so I was just starting my maturity. So if that gets this denied then I'm sorry. (Until 9th of Feb the owner released another Underdone server)

About You:

I am a kind 15 year old boy, I used to play RPGs back in the day like Rune-scape and 2009 rpgs forgot their names but I am a very experienced RPG person, I play Wynncraft on Vanilla minecraft, and that is a really good RPG its more like yours, I'm experienced on Wynncraft and spent more time on it "3 years". I can get angry if someone makes me angry but I can get rid of that anger if I just calm down. I love gaming, I started gaming in 2009, those games back then were "Bad" but also fun to play. I loved those games. Most of the games I play today are Minecraft and Garry's Mod, but Minecraft a little more. I also have a shy condition, there is nothing I can do to fix that problem, I really don't like talking to people face to face like girls or something like that, I am a really smart child, and the shyest in my family, but I can talk to people who are qualified to talk to me and to help me. I am also getting Treated at the Doctors for a IGNT which I wont say it is too gross. I also make friends on different servers, I am good at Minecraft PVP. I am more of a typing person than a talker. yeah I am that shy.

How did you hear about Underdone Gaming servers?:

Back in 2010, I started playing Garry's Mod, and got into gamemodes like Flood, I played that a lot. Until 2012 I found a newer gamemode which everyone has been playing lately, and that was Underdone, I started playing it with my older and younger brothers, and they enjoyed it. I started playing JokerIce Underdone, it was fun, I got addicted to that server, while I was playing it I noticed the Beer Quest was glitched and I kind of abused it, cause I was like 13 or 12, at the time so I had to. I got to 876 level by the end of it and then one day I found it was missing on my favorites and the Underdone Gamemode, I spent an extra 2 years playing on other gamemodes until another Underdone server came out, called Lacuni Gaming, I started playing it I found amazing friends and share their same interests as me. Until I found this server this year, I played it a lot and got to 60 in weeks.

Name three of our gamemodes that we host:

PSW (Pirate Ship Wars)
UDRPG (Underdone RPG)
S (Stranded)

Which servers that we run do you play on?:

Underdone RPG, but I can log on the other servers once in a while if I'm needed and people wanting help.

What contributions do you feel you will be able to bring to Underdone Gaming servers?:

I would add more players to this amazing server, I'd help everyone who is in trouble and answering their questions. I tried to advertise this server but failed by doing so. I'll be asking the new players what they think of this server when they first get their 10 minutes of the game achievement, and asking questions about what it feels like playing a different gamemode than you're used to.

In a few sentences, tell us why patience and maturity are two needed qualities for being an effective administrator:

If you're gonna be a moderator, act like one, use common sense and more maturity to the server. Don't make this server down in the charts and making people leave, if you have something to say, say it in your head not in the chat (If its inappropriate) If you want more people joining this amazing community show respect to the new players, help them, ask their questions. You also need patience, it is a key factor of life, if you're not patient enough like waiting for your crafting bar to be completed on Underdone then you'll not become an admin/moderator.

Do you have any questions?:

No, I'm good. ( I made a post in the wrong area, sorry, here is my application anyway.)
Underdone Level:80
Hours Played Garry's Mod: 5601
Steam Username: Duck
Rank : Moderator

+rep ?
I dunno if that's how you rep someone, but ask with Commander for that one.
Underdone Level:80
Hours Played Garry's Mod: 5601
Steam Username: Duck
Rank : Moderator

The Commander Wrote:Applicants should be at least 18 years of age. In my experience this is the age where most people start to become mature enough to handle the kinds of situations I would need for them to handle and also to act appropriately. I understand that some people mature younger, but we have to draw a line, and 18 is the line I am choosing to draw. (exceptions can be made depending on the players experience on the servers)
I don't know your experience, but you'll have to be one hell of an exception.
The One and Only Skobo
This is why I like to watch over people for a bit who have made applications to see how they actually play when I am not on the server.
NO ONE knows my alt account.

Make sure you follow the Moderator Duties
Duck is having a cry about something and no longer wants to be Moderator and has removed himself from Steam and the Discord.

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