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[Request] Master Maguka
Offender's Name: Master Maguka
Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:89216364
What Server The Offence Was Committed On: Pirate Ship Wars
Offence Committed: Aimbot and Wallhack



I was only able to catch him this time but on 3/15 he was doing the same thing. He drives all the players away and the worst part he is a donator.
This player has now been banned.

Thank you for your report!
Underdone Level:80
Hours Played Garry's Mod: 5601
Steam Username: Duck
Rank : Moderator

I have removed the ban, the weapon he is using is a modified P90 called the "Ultimate Weapon" that is worth 500 points, it is instant kil no matter where you are hit with it and WILL go through ships.
It also has a zoomed scope with the same magnification as the AWP.

If he was using an AK47 or something else in this video then it would lead more towards wall hacking and aim bot, but from what I seen in this video I could do the same thing with the P90.

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