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Lying Moderator
I was on the server with a mod and I was spamming words into the chat box just for fun.  There was a Moderator on the server, so he muted me then kicked me, I now had 1 warnings in total.  I came back and then he kicked me again with a message that said "Thersherehold Met", now I had 2 warnings in total.  So I came back and asked why he kicked me instead of just muting me, he said that he muted me but didn't kick me the first time, but he did say that he did it the second time for "Avoiding Mute".  I then wondered why he kicked me because he was the only Moderator on the server and there were no others on the server.

     I'm now scared to go back to the server with the Moderator named Duck.
What does this have to do with VIP?

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