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  • Why do I slow down when I Shoot/Hit things?
    • This is a mechanic that we put in to prevent "kiting". Kiting is a term used a lot in LoL, WoW, or any MMORPG meaning you move fast enough so the NPC can't hit you. So we slow you down so the NPC has a chance to still hit you, but you can sill avoid it if you have enough agility.
  • What admin mod should I be using?
    • ULX, and nothing but ULX. If you install ASSMod onto your server you will have no support from us for any of the errors that you WILL get. ASSMod is bad and you should NEVER use it, ULX is constantly updated unlike other admin mods.
  • How can I give items to players?
    • In the server console or as a superadmin type into the console "ud_admingiveitem itemname amount playername" example, "ud_admingiveitem money 1000 commander"
  • How can I give XP to players?
    • In the server console or as a superadmin type into the console "ud_admingivexp amount playername" example, "ud_admingivexp 1000 commander"
  • The car dealer and certain map props are missing
    • Make sure that the map you are using for your server is all named in lower case, code wise rp_evocity2_v2p is different to RP_Evocity2_V2P and this will effect how LUA runs certain functions.
  • Where is the player data saved?
    • "txt" format is saved to garrysmod\data\underdone, "sqllite" is saved to garrysmod\sv.db, "mysql" is saved to your MySQL database.
    • NOTE: Only use "txt" format for saving at this time, all other modes are currently broken.
  • How can I edit/add my own npc spawn points?
    • As a admin, press the context key (default is C) to access the map editor.
  • How can I change the language?
    • Locate the file "shared.lua" in garrysmod/gamemodes/underdone/gamemode and open it then look for the line that says lang_cur = "english"
    • Currently supports danish, english, french, german, korean, maori, polish, russian
  • Crafting does not seem to work
    • Make sure you are running your server at 33 ticks.
  • My server wont start and the console says "Engine hunk overflow!"
    • You need to add +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 to your command line after the map name for most Underdone RPG maps otherwise you will get a "Engine hunk overflow!" error on server start up.
  • Why do I see errors and black/purple checkerboards?
    • You must have the games Half-Life 2, Half-life 2 Episode 1, Half-life 2 Episode 2, Counter-Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2 installed. They must be mounted on to Garry's mod with the small controller at the bottom right corner of the main menu. If you are to poor and cheap to buy any of the above games (TF2 is free) then you can download the content from here:!downloads/chgd